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Your accountant should be more than just someone who just does your company accounts and end of year compliance. We give you accounting solutions for a modern business – online services, cloud software, and ongoing business accounting help.

A Top Accounting Firm In Ireland

Your accountant can be a key lever in helping you accelerate growth in your business.

But many accountants in Ireland are happy to just meet with you once a year, take care of your annual obligations and invoice a surprise fee. How does that help your business?

As one of the top accounting firms in Ireland for small businesses, we set the bar much higher.

Businesses today operate in an online, fast-faced, digital environment. Competition is fiercer and margins are often thinner. You need an accountant who’s not just a compliance officer.

At Around Finance we give you accounting solutions and the financial tools to run a profitable, forward-thinking business.

You get an accountant who’s invested in your success and is there to guide you through one of the key aspects of any successful business – your finances.

We’re champions in cloud accounting software, like Xero Accounting, Quickbooks, Sage and Surf Accounting. 

And our accountants are always available to you with business accounting help and to guide you through your numbers.

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Accounting Services

Looking for a reliable accountant? As one of the leading online accounting firms In Ireland, we can support you with accounting services wherever your business is located. From Galway to Dublin and back down to Limerick, from the North to the South – you can access our accounting services. Geography is no longer a barrier. We offer you some of the best accountants in Ireland. Click a block to see what we cover.

Online Accounting Software

Go paperless! We can advise you and handle the move from your current accounting system to the cloud.

Monthly Company Accounts

With accounting software and accurate account preparation, you get quicker access to your profit and loss and balance sheet statements. We also take care of your annual statutory financials.

Accounting Advisory Services

There's no point looking at a map if you don't know where you are, where you're going or what the signs mean. Our accountants help you make sense of your numbers.

Accounting and Tax Services

We take care of your your accounting and tax obligations like tax returns, VAT returns, RTD, ESL – VIES return, form 11 filing.

New Business Registration

Thinking of embarking on a new venture. Our accounting services can help you through the process of registering your business and help you make a success of it.

Cashflow & Business Support

Got cashflow issues? Inventory problems? Get accounting help where you need it most in your business.

Companies we work with

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Richie and his team are incredible. Always helpful and easy to contact especially if I ever have any questions. They make accounting and paper work very easy for business owners and make it so simple for anyone who may find it difficult to grasp. They have guided me in the best way possible and now I don’t need to worry about my accounts with having Richie & his team on board.
Keara Lennon
Keara Lennon
Founder | Face. Brow Bar
Richie Lennon - Around Finance

Around Finance is led by Richie Lennon. Let him know where you need help.

Why Around?

Our accounting services will bring your business into the modern, digital era.

We’re an Irish accounting firm with a fresh, digital approach to accounting and tax services.

For many years Richie worked with small businesses as a CFO. This gave him insight into the real financial needs that you have as an owner. Needs that go beyond the traditional bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance work.

Richie is a trusted CPA that you can turn to. He can help you with pricing, forecasting, grants, investment, cashflow management and tax planning.

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The benefits of an outsourced accounting firm

With our expert accountants you can expect: 

benefits of online accounting firms
why you should outsource accountant

Why you should outsource accounting

It’s very expensive for a small, growing business to hire a full time chartered accountant or certified public accountant (CPA). Outsourced accounting firms enable you to reduce that cost drastically but still give you the accounting and tax services you need.


Accounting software like Xero accounting, Quickbooks, Surf Accounts and Sage are software products that allow you to do all your bookkeeping and accounting digitally. You can upload receipts, invoice clients, process transactions, reconcile your bank account, produce financial reports and do all your accounting online.

Cloud accounting allows you to access your accounting wherever you have an internet connection. All your accounting is stored in the cloud – on remote servers – so that you can access it remotely.

No you can do your own accounting for your limited company. The advantage of outsourcing your accounting is more accurate financials, more time to focus on your business and expert financial advice for your company.

Choosing an accountant is no longer restricted by your location. With the internet and cloud accounting software, you can work with an accountant who best knows your industry and that you feel can serve your needs.

When looking for an accountant you should ask them:

  • The number of years they’ve been in business
  • About their experience dealing with businesses like yours
  • Exactly what’s included in their services
  • Do they just do compliance or can they help you grow your business
  • For client testimonials
  • How communication works
  • What accounting software they use
  • How you could be saving tax
  • Their fees

Yes you can claim your accountant’s fees as a tax deductible expense.

Every registered company in Ireland must keep accounting records for at least six years.

Inventory is another word for stock. In accounting, inventory includes all the items and raw materials that make up the sellable product.

A certified public accountants, or CPA, is someone who’s undergone three years of relevant industry training or experience in Ireland and has passed the fourteen exams required to become a qualified CPA.

A chartered accountant is a qualified professional who also belongs to the membership body of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

A CPA and chartered accountant both offer similar services and knowledge to businesses in Ireland. CAs tend to have more technical knowledge, particularly around taxation whereas CPAs tend to be strong in business and financial management.

A payroll accountant looks after payroll for your business. They ensure that staff payments are processed on time, the correct deductions are applied and regulatory requirements are adhered to. They also process new hires, dismissals and pay rate changes.

Accounting Resources

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