A CFO could be the catalyst your business needs right now. An independent business advisor gives you fresh insight into your finances and good business advice, at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO.

Advice Is Cheap. Experience Isn't.

Anyone can offer you business advice. But what sets good business advice apart is a business advisor who’s walked the talk.

Over the past 10 years, Richie Lennon, the director of Around Finance, has worked as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), delivered finance courses, workshops and mentored more than 2,000 SME’s and start-ups in Ireland.

We’ve come to learn that small business owners need their accountants to support them in a wider range of areas than just bookkeeping and compliance.

You need a business advisor who’s tech savvy, financially smart and able to understand the modern business environment from your perspective.

At Around Finance we understand (and are willing to get stuck into) the complexities of modern business financials – such as online platforms, multiple payment gateways and software integrations.

We understand the reporting and technology requirements needed to produce fast, accurate and compliant data.

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CFO services

CFO Advisory Services

Our CFO team can support you with a complete list of business advisory services. These include advice on setting up a business, accounting and finance management, financial forecasting and budgeting, reporting, business tax advisory or buying a business advice. We offer you an interim CFO, in person in Galway, or virtually online.

Online Accounting Software

Go paperless! A professional business advisor and help you evaluate and choose the best accounting software for your business.


A CFO will give direction to the bookkeeping, accounting, tax and financial management of your business.


An independent business advisor will work with your leadership team and provide proven, strategic financial advice.

Business Financial Planning

A CFO provides you with financial forecasting, budgets and the reports you need to make strategic business decisions.

Business Tax Advisory

A virtual CFO provides you with business tax advice that can keep cash on your balance sheet and improve your cashflow.

Setup, Buying & Selling

Our CFO consulting services will can assist you at whatever stage your business is at. Get advice on setting up a business, buying a business or selling.

Companies we work with

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Around Finance have automated and streamlined everything for us saving huge amounts of time and headaches. They have also saved us a lot of money through great advice. Would highly recommend.
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Paul Walsh
Founder | Adhere Digital
Richie Lennon - Around Finance

Around Finance is led by Richie Lennon. Let him know where you need help.

Why Around?

A CFO from Around Finance can bring your business into the modern, digital era.

We’re Irish business consultants with a fresh, online approach to business advisory.

Our business advisors at Around Finance have many years of experience in Ireland, particularly working with startups, e-commerce, retail, agencies and offering SME business advice.

For many years Richie worked with small businesses as a CFO. This gave him insight into the real financial needs that you have as an owner

Richie is a trusted business consultant that you can turn to. Get advice on pricing, forecasting, grants, investment, cashflow management and tax planning.

Chat to Richie today.

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The Benefits Of Having A CFO

Some of the benefits of hiring a CFO include:

benefits of cfo
online business advisor

Why An Online Business Advisor?

Business activities are no longer limited to the city you live in, and nor should your options for good business advice.

Virtual CFO services give you flexibility and the best advice available. Now you can find a virtual CFO online who really knows your industry and can offer you the advice you need.


The meaning of CFO is Chief Financial Officer. This is the person who is responsible for setting and leading all financial aspects of a business. This includes overseeing bookkeeping, accounting, tax, forecasting, budgeting, planning and giving strategic advice on business decisions.

A fractional CFO, also known as a part-time or interim CFO, is someone who’s not employed full-time as a CFO by a business. They are contracted to offer a set amount of hours per month for their interim CFO services.

Yes. A CFO consulting doesn’t have to be expensive and for a small business it can often be the key to unlock the growth you’re looking for. Small businesses typically don’t have the funds to hire a full management team or the  most highly skilled people. CFO services for small businesses give you the highly competent skills of a CFO but at a fraction of the cost. If you’re going to invest in one area of your businesses, hiring a small business CFO consultant to look after your finances is the place to do so.

The CFO is responsible for the overall financial performance and well being of the company. Primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Setting strategic vision and goals
  • Setting financial KPIs
  • Establishing the budget and forecasts
  • Overseeing accounting and compliance
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Pricing and sales
  • Investments
  • Asset management
  • Tax planning
  • Financial planning 


A business advisor works with the owner of a business or the management team to improve the operations and profitability of the company. A business advisor is typically someone who has valuable experience that a management team is lacking and that can unlock growth for their future.

There’s a saying, ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know.’ A good business advisor can be well worth it if you need advice in an area of your business that you’re not an expert. An independent business advisor can give you a fresh perspective and offer you valuable insights to help you run a more profitable business. Chat to our team today to discuss the services we can offer you.

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