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Ecommerce Growth Strategies

Date: 25 April 2024

Discover practical insights to grow a successful ecommerce business in Ireland.

We cover pricing, sales & targets, managing cash flow, inventory management, technology, key numbers to track, budgeting, taxes & available grants.

Irish Business

Date: TBC

Discover the key business grants available in Ireland, how they work and how to successfully apply.

This webinar will be run by Richie Lennon who has 15+ years experience coaching small business owners in this field.

Finances For Agencies

Date: TBC

Learn the finance fundamentals for marketing agencies and set your business up for growth in our FREE live webinar Led by Richie Lennon, CEO of Around Finance.

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Ecommerce Growth With StoreHero

Date: TBC

Join us as we talk online shop with one of the leaders in this space – the guys from StoreHero.

Richie Lennon will be covering key financial insights that can help you grow your ecommerce business. Sign up now!

Webinar Recordings

Marketing Agency Finance Essentials

Recording: 25 January 2024

With the launch of our latest Marketing Agency Growth Guide, we dive into the financial fundamentals to get right in your agency.

Ecommerce Growth With StoreHero

Recording: 06 October 2023

Richie Lennon from Around Finance talks online shop with StoreHero.ai. Watch to find out how to scale and grow a profitable ecommerce store.

Irish Business

Recording: 30 June 2023

Watch as Richie Lennon takes you through the key grants available in Ireland, how they work and how to successfully apply.

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