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Dublin is a fantastic city for a small business. The vibrant economy and large population, together with an abundance of established industries and upcoming niche sectors provide a world of opportunities.

But running a small business in Dublin is also costly and highly competitive. A large factor in your success will come down to how well you run your numbers.

Around Finance is one of the leading online accountancy firms in Dublin. Our extensive work with start ups and small business clients in the city helps us to understand your business needs and deliver a service that goes beyond annual compliance.

Using cloud-based software we streamline your business finances, taking care of your bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs. We give you the valuable insights you need to run a cost effective, competitive and more profitable business in Dublin.

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Why choose us as your Dublin Accountant?

There are a number of accounting firms in Dublin, so what sets us apart? A proven track record and our personal approach. Richie Lennon (Partner & Founder at Around Finance) has an extensive background in supporting and training small business leaders in their financial management.

We pride ourselves in understanding your small business goals, and struggles, so that we can help you achieve growth. Rather than becoming just another number in a large accounting firms books, we take a personalized approached to understanding your business and your own ambitions. Click a block to see how we help your business grow.

100% Online

Go paperless! From virtual meetings to record keeping and reports, working with us is flexible and simple - 100% online.


Digitally store invoices & upload receipts, automate client invoicing. Get real-time online bookkeeping in Dublin.

Monthly Accounts

We provide you with the key reports you need - your monthly profit & loss and balance sheet.

Tax Preparation

An expert tax accountant will take care of your Dublin business tax returns, VAT returns, RTD, ESL – VIES return, form 11 filing, 100% online.

Tax Planning

Meet online with a tax accountant in Dublin and identify areas in your business where you could be saving more tax.

Business Advice

Need quick business advice? Or looking for deeper insights into your figures. We're always available.

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“I have worked with Richie since the early days. He is always available with lot’s of long phone calls down the years!!”

Fiona McNamara


Dublin City Hot Yoga

Located in the heart of Dublin city centre, on Drury Street, steps away from Grafton Street, you’ll find this little gem of a small business.

They specialise in hot yoga – yoga practiced in the heat. 

Practising hot yoga is a great way to get your body to sweat and get rid of toxins, as well as stretching your muscles more deeply and safely with the added heat. 

And, nothing quite beats the feeling of stepping into the heated room!

It’s not a stretch to say that we’re proud to be the accountants of this Dublin business.

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How an online accountant can help your business in Dublin

In today’s business context, your clients and staff no longer need to be in the same city as you. So why should your accountant? You’re no longer limited to the options in your region. If you’re based in Dublin and looking for an accountant, here’s a few benefits to consider.

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Technology stack for small business

One of the challenges of growing your small business is knowing which technology to work with.

We (and our clients) work with some of the leading online software and can help recommend and support you in your choices.

Accounting resources

Stay up to to date with the latest accounting resources and news.

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