You can’t steer your business into the future while constantly running into issues with your books. Our online bookkeeping services give you exactly what you need to chart a course to success!

Complete Bookkeeping Services

If the word ‘bookkeeping’ is an unwelcome reminder of hours spent mindlessly capturing income and expenses into a spreadsheet, we can help you!

As online bookkeepers, we use the best cloud bookkeeping software – like Xero, Quickbooks and Surf Accounts – to streamline how you run your business.  

No more manual data entry. Capture receipts on the go via your phone, visualise your numbers in real-time and get better accuracy and control over your finances.

Imagine being able to look at your phone and see how your business is doing, right now!

Our complete bookkeeping services handle everything for you and give you faster processing times and more reliable data to analyse.

We provide you with monthly reports to show how your company is doing and where to focus your energy. 

After all, bookkeeping services are meant to help your business, not slow it down!

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Bookkeeping Services

Looking to outsource your bookkeeping services? Our cloud based approach will give you everything you need. Click a block to see what our services include. We can customize a bookkeeping package to fit your budget.

Bookkeeping Software

Go paperless! We can advise you and handle the move from your current system to the cloud.

Month-End Processing

VAT/VIES/MOSS, expense claims, depreciation... All that month-end stress will disappear with our account preparation services.


We look after your employee obligations. We're an outsourced payroll service provider covering everything from automated payroll to PAYE, USC and PRSI deductions.


Avoid wasting time hunting down missing transactions! Our cloud-based bookkeeping makes bank reconciliation a breeze.  

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Automated follow-ups to your debtors and up-to-date reports on your creditors. No more worrying about who owes you and who you owe.  


Got a question about your finances? Our expert team is ready to assist with bookkeeping advice.

Companies we do bookkeeping for

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Richie and the team have been incredible at taking our accounting out of the dark ages. Our previous accountant wasn’t the most technically savy person which meant our accounting & finance was slowing down our business doing tedious and monotonous tasks. Around Finance have automated and streamlined our bookkeeping services for us, saving huge amounts of time and headaches. They have also saved us a lot of money through great advice. Would highly recommend.
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Paul Walsh
Founder | Adhere Digital
Richie Lennon - Around Finance

Around Finance is led by Richie Lennon. Reach out and chat with him today.

Why Around?

Our bookkeeping services will bring your business into the modern era.

We bring a fresh, online approach to bookkeeping, accounting, tax and advisory services, all across Ireland.

For many years Richie worked with small businesses as a CFO. This gave him insight into the real financial needs that you have as an owner. Needs that go beyond the traditional bookkeeping and compliance work.

Richie is a trusted CPA that you can turn to, to discuss your business. He can help you with pricing, forecasting, grants, investment, cashflow management and tax planning.

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The benefits of online bookkeeping services

With our online bookkeeping services you can expect: 

online bookkeeper
Online Bookkeeper Ireland

Why you should outsource your bookkeeping services

Businesses all across Ireland and the UK are starting to outsource their bookkeeping and payroll. Outsourced bookkeeping and payroll is a more affordable solution for a growing business that can’t, or doesn’t want to, employ a full-time bookkeeper. You get the accuracy of a professional service and the easy of being able to deal with us from wherever suits you.


Bookkeeping is the process of recording every financial transaction that happens within a business. Whether you make, spend, borrow or lend money, you need to keep a record of it. These records form the basis of determining things such as how much tax you owe, VAT calculations and your profitability.

There are various reports that you will find useful to manage your business. 

A Profit & Loss report (also called an income statement) will tell you how much profit you have made in a period.

A Balance Sheet statement will tell you where you business is at on a particular day.  How much you own, owe and are owed.

Useful monthly reports include accounts receivable and payable which is a list of your debtors and creditors and the amount owed. 

Say goodbye to boxes of invoices and Xcel spreadsheets.

Bookkeeping has become so advanced that you can do things like scan receipts with your phone and automatically upload them.

You can also link up your bank account directly to the bookkeeping software. This means that regular payments can be automatically assigned and there is no need to manually capture payments or receipts. When debtors pay you the invoices can be automatically reconciled by the software.

Double-entry bookkeeping is a clever system invented by a merchant hundreds of years ago. It is a way to double-check that no errors creep into the accounting process. This is done by having every transaction account entry have a counter entry in another account.  Another way of saying this is for every debit in bookkeeping, there is a corresponding credit.  Hence double-entry.  For example, buying new merchandise for your retail store will both increase your stock levels and decrease your bank account.

The cloud is basically a term for information that is stored on servers (large computers) and accessed via the internet.  The benefit of using cloud-based accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks and Surf Accounts is that your valuable information is stored on their servers.  They have fail-safes and backups which means your data is secure. If you store all your information on your own computer and your hard drive crashes, you won’t be  in for a good day. 

With cloud-based bookkeeping, you can access you financial information from anywhere with an internet connection.

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