Our tax accountants do more than just take care of your annual compliance. Where we really add value to your business is in our tax planning – strategies that save you money throughout the year.

Business Tax Preparation Is Just The Start

Understanding tax can be as challenging as making sense of the weather forecast for tomorrow. Most business owners just put their head down, check it off their compliance to-do list and move on.

But a good tax accountant can assist you with much more than just tax preparation, submitting your tax returns and keeping your account with ROS in good standing.

Around Finance is an online Irish tax firm that works closely with you to help you get the most out of the tax system and enjoy legitimate tax savings.

We start by taking care of all your business tax preparation, compliance but then we take it further.

Business tax planning is a key strategy that we use to help you legitimately minimize tax, manage cashflow and keep funds in your bank account.

As an online accountant we make use of cloud accounting software to handle all your tax online. This gives you more accurate tax records and on-time submissions. And our tax advisors are available online to assist you with expert tax advice, wherever you are in Ireland.

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Accounting And Tax Services

Our accounting and tax services are online, giving you flexibility, better data accuracy and a more streamlined approach to business tax. We’re a registered tax agent with ROS and can assist you with all your accounting and tax needs, such as income tax, RDT, VAT, PAYE plus proven tax planning strategies. Click a block to see more.

Online Accounting Software

Go paperless! We can advise you and handle the move from your current accounting system to the cloud.

Revenue Online Service (ROS)

Around Finance is a registered tax agent with ROS. Integrations with cloud accounting software help streamline the process and we take care of your tax online.

Ongoing Compliance

Our tax accountants can help you with RTD, VIES returns, VAT RTD, VAT returns, B1 annuals returns, income tax, PAYE, Form 11 and more.

Sole Trader Tax Ireland

Self assessment tax returns, tax planning, claims, understand tax brackets and get tax saving tips.

Corporation Tax Return

Minimize your company tax with smart corporate tax planning, deductions and accurate accounting and tax services.

Business Tax Planning

Our business tax planning services help you plan for upcoming tax payments and get strategic about decisions you take in your business that have tax implications.

Companies we work with

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Around Finance have automated and streamlined everything for us saving huge amounts of time and headaches. They have also saved us a lot of money through great advice. Would highly recommend.
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Paul Walsh
Founder | Adhere Digital
Richie Lennon - Around Finance

Around Finance is led by Richie Lennon. Let him know where you need help.

Why Around?

Our accounting and tax services will bring your business into the modern, digital era.

We’re an Irish tax firm with a fresh, online approach to accounting and tax services.

For many years Richie worked with small businesses as a CFO and tax advisor. This gave him insight into the real financial needs that you have as an owner. Needs that go beyond the traditional bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance work.

Richie is a trusted tax accountant that you can turn to. He can help you with pricing, forecasting, grants, investment, cashflow management and tax planning.

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The Benefits Of An Online Tax Firm

With our online tax accountants you can expect: 

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Why Talk To A Tax Advisor

A tax advisor helps you plan ahead, which in turn improves your cashflow and avoids compliance issues with ROS. 

A tax advisor is also there to guide you on decisions like choosing the right business structure or when to purchase new equipment.

When you speak to one of our tax advisors, we’ll assess your tax obligations and help you put together a tax management plan. We can also identify areas in your business where you could be saving more on tax.


The corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%, one of the lowest in the world. In most other European countries the corporate tax rate is over 20%.

While you should avoid trying to evade paying capital gains tax in Ireland, there are strategic ways that you can minimize the amount of CGT you need to pay. Some of these strategies include sharing asset ownership or dividing the realised gains over multiple tax years. Speak to one of our tax advisors for more.

To claim back tax in Ireland, sign into your myAccount portal and request a Statement of Liability. If Revenue owes you money they’ll usually make payment into your bank account.

The amount an accountant will charge you for business tax returns will depend on the amount of work involved which is typically influenced by your turnover, volume of transactions, number of staff, and the complexity of your business. Chat to us about our accounting and tax packages.

Limited companies are subject to different tax rules than sole traders, and whether you will pay less tax as a limited company depends on several factors.
It’s important to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your specific situation to determine whether operating as a limited company would lead to paying less tax compared to being a sole trader. Consulting with a qualified accountant or tax advisor who is familiar with Irish tax laws can provide you with personalized guidance and help you make an informed decision.

For a business, tax preparation fees are deductible as they are part of the normal expenses of running a business.

Tax Accounting Resources

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