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Wisdom As Old As The River Shannon

The essence of running a successful business in Ireland remains the same, even as the tide comes and goes.

Provide a quality product / service, manage your finances well, take care of your customers.

As technologies evolve, new industries spring up and marketplaces where you do business start to look different, it’s important not to be distracted, but to hold onto these eternal truths. There’s wisdom in them.

As one of the leading online accountants in Athlone, our goal at Around Finance is to help you navigate these waters. 

We provide you with a modern approach to accounting, both in terms of the technology we use and the financial support and on-going business advice we offer. 

We’ll make sure that your finances are in order and you have the support you need to grow a modern business in Athlone.

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Why Choose Us As Your Accountants In Athlone?

Besides taking care of all of your business accounting needs in Athlone, we can provide you with expert business advice. Richie Lennon (Partner & Founder at Around Finance) has an extensive background in supporting and training Irish business leaders in their financial management. He’s worked closely with organizations like Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland.

We work with a number of industries, particularly marketing agencies, ecommerce and retail business, tech start-ups and other small businesses in Athlone.

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100% Online

Go paperless! From virtual meetings to record keeping and reports, working with us is flexible and simple - 100% online.


Our bookkeeping services in Athlone provide accurate record keeping and online, real-time visibility of your finances.

Monthly Accounts

We provide you with the key reports you need to make good decisions, like your monthly profit & loss and balance sheet.

Tax Preparation

We'll take care of business tax returns, VAT returns, RTD, ESL – VIES return, form 11 filing, 100% online.

Tax Planning

Meet online with a tax advisor in Athlone and identify areas in your business where you could be saving more tax.

Business Advice

Need quick business advice? Or looking for deeper insights into your figures. We're always available.

Companies we work with

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“Richie has lots of experience working with technology start-ups. He understands the journey we are on and is always available to support my decision-making.”

Graham Clarke



BaseWorx is a tech startup. They are an Enterprise Ireland client, fully bootstrapped and growing quickly.

They have developed an innovative software for managing co-working space. 

The platform allows you to oversee every aspect of your co-working space from any device and delivers a low touch administrative experience for space owners & managers. 

They’re making great strides towards their goals and Around Finance is proud to be their online accountant.

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7 Reasons To Choose An Online Accountant In Athlone

At Around Finance all of our accounting services are delivered using the best cloud accounting software and apps that will make your life easier. Here’s 7 quick ways you’ll win:

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Technology Stack For Small Business

Technology can be a major competitive advantage in business today. It’ll eliminate hours of manual work, save you money and errors.

When you choose us as your accounting in Athlone we can advise you on the right tech stack for your business and also get you set up and trained to use it correctly.

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