How to Claim Rent Tax Credit in Ireland

Good news, renters! The Irish government has introduced a Rent Tax Credit for the years 2022-2025, providing some much-needed relief for those paying for private rented accommodation.

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Save Up To €1,000 On Your Rental Expenses

If you are currently renting in 2023 or rented private accommodation in 2022, you are eligible to claim this new rent tax credit. The best part? You could be entitled to a credit worth up to €500 for 2022 as a tax rebate, with an additional €500 for 2023 in the form of a tax credit for single taxed individuals.

For jointly assessed couples, the rent tax credit could be worth €1000 for 2022, and another €1000 for 2023 in the form of tax credits against your 2023 PAYE income.

How Much Is The Renters Tax Credit?

  • A maximum credit of €1,000 per year is applicable in the case of a jointly assessed civil partners or married couples, or
  • And a maximum €500 in all other cases

If you’re a parent paying rent for your university-going child, you could be entitled to claim the Renters Tax Credit up to the value of €500 per parent, for a total tax credit of €1,000 per year.

And, if you’re renting private accommodation for work purposes, you may also be eligible to claim the renters tax credit.

The Rent Tax Credit May Be Available If:

  • You pay rent for your principal private residence
  • You pay rent for a property that you use to facilitate your attendance at work or on an approved course.
  • A property is used by your child to facilitate their attendance on an approved course

These are subject to a number of conditions

The Conditions Which Apply Relate To The:

  • Location and use of the rental property
  • Type of tenancy
  • Relationship between the landlord and you, or your child
  • Age of the child and the type of course they are attending

Your Landlord Must Not Be:

  • A housing association or approved housing body
  • A local authority
  • Your parent
  • Your child

The Renters Tax Credit cannot be claimed if the property used by your child to attend a course is owned by a relative.

You Cannot Claim For:

  • A security deposit
  • Repairs or maintenance
  • Board, laundry, utilities or other services

How To Claim To Rent Tax Credit In Ireland

To claim the Rent Tax Credit, you’ll need to provide some basic details such as the address of the property, the total amount of rent paid, and the date you started renting along with the name of the landlord or letting agent. 

The property you’re renting must be registered with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), but in certain cases, the Rent Tax Credit applies for tenancies that don’t need to be registered with the RTB.

If you’re a PAYE taxpayer, you can claim the Rent Tax Credit for rent paid in 2022 through myAccount.

  1. Sign in to your myAccount.
  2. Go to the ‘PAYE Services’ section.
  3. Select ‘Review your Tax 2019–2022’ and choose 2022.
  4. Click on the ‘Request’ option under the ‘Statement of Liability’ section.
  5. Click on the ‘Complete Your Income Tax Return’ option.
  6. Choose the ‘You and your family’ option in the ‘Tax Credits & Reliefs’ page, and then select the ‘Rent Tax Credit’ option.
  7. Enter the required information.

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