Discover what business grants are available in Ireland and how to apply. Free live webinar with Q&A session.

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Date: 22 February 2024
Time: 12:00pm

Whether you’re looking to start a business, explore the feasibility of an idea or expand your operations, there are a number of business grants available to you in Ireland.

Richie Lennon, CEO of Around Finance, will take you through the different grant options, how to qualify and how to successfully apply.

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What Irish Business Grants Will We Cover?

What Irish Business Grants Will We Cover?

How Will This Benefit Me?

Understand The Grants

There are a lot of business grants available in Ireland. You’ll come away with a better understanding of what’s out there and the different types of grants offered by organisations in ireland.

Find The Right Grant

As we go through the types of supports and their qualification criteria, you’ll discover which Irish business grants are best suited to your stage of business, goals and operations.

Successfully Apply

There are specific criteria that you need to meet in order to successfully qualify for business grants in Ireland. We’ll give you tips to help improve your chances of submitting a successful application.

What Organisations Will Be Covered?

What Organisations Will Be Covered?

We’ll cover business grants from organisations in Ireland like:

Who Is Richie Lennon?

Richie Lennon is a seasoned CFO and finance expert with a passion for supporting Irish small businesses. With over 15 years of experience in CFO roles, finance workshops, and mentoring for organisations like Enterprise Ireland & LEO, Richie brings a wealth of insights to your screen.

Join Richie Lennon in his upcoming webinar to tap into his extensive knowledge and benefit from his proven track record of success. With his insights you’ll walk away with a better understanding of Irish business grants, which one is right for you and how to successfully apply.

Richard Lennon

Richard Lennon

Founder & CEO


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Yes, the webinar will be recorded and anyone who registers will receive a link afterwards to the recording.

Yes, at the end of the webinar we’ll have a Q&A session to answer relevant questions.

Yes, this webinar will be useful for startups in Ireland, new businesses and those that are looking for funding to finance expansion.

Some of the FAQs that we come across, and that we’ll discuss include:

  • Are there grants available for my business?
  • What grants are available?
  • Can you get a grant to start a business?
  • How to apply for a grant?

If you have a specific question you’d like us to address, contact us with yours.

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