15 Ways To Use AI Marketing In Your Marketing Agency

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have been one of the most talked about technologies across industries, it’s not a new concept or technology. If you think about viewing and listening suggestions on streaming platforms or chatbots they are all examples of AI technology that have been used for everyday life. 

Across industries models of engagement are changing and so are customers who want everything at any time. The same is applicable for Marketing, if you want to remain relevant and serve the evolving needs of your customers, then you need to integrate AI Marketing tools that will help you achieve this.  

AI Marketing tools are not only changing marketing they are also changing how marketers work and can transform and give you the business owner the ability to scale your business at levels you may not have thought about. Here are a few marketing areas and AI marketing tools that show how AI is changing marketing and can be used to kick-start your journey into AI and help grow your agency

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1. AI-Powered Content Generation

Chat GPT saw both interest and suspicion reaching unprecedented user levels of 100 million in two months. Chat GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) was developed by OpenAI and is a powerful language model that can generate human-like text. Tools like this can fast-track the creative process for idea generation for copywriters as well as PR practitioners by providing thought starters for multiple styles of content that writers can flesh out and create.

This efficiency will be closely aligned with the resource management of teams that will create a new breed of creativity that uses technology as an enabler.

Today several AI content generation tools have been built using GPT-3; these include tools like Copy.ai and Writesonic.

2. AI Enhanced Social Media

Creating content is one thing, however, if you have multiple accounts to service and envision growing your social media business then AI content scheduling tools like Hootsuite that integrate AI features for social media management, including post scheduling, content recommendations, and social media analytics will prove useful as they automate scheduled posts to go live.

AI enhanced social media will also help improve accounting for your agency through automating  tasks that leave resources with more time to work on more strategic objectives that benefit clients.

3. Marketing Automation

Automation will become faster with tools like HubSpot that offer a comprehensive marketing automation platform that includes email marketing, lead nurturing, customer segmentation, and campaign automation features. For agencies this will prove useful as they are able to provide increased value to business with greater accuracy and efficiency.

4. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising makes use of automated technology to purchase media space. One tool in AI Marketing that’s used widely to do this is Google Ads. Google Ads makes use of AI algorithms to optimise ad targeting and bidding strategies and offers automated bidding options like Smart Bidding to improve ad performance.

5. Competitive Analysis

You will be able to gain competitive analysis across industries rapidly. By providing you with insights that will create better campaigns and content.  Tools like SimilarWeb provide competitive analysis using AI to analyse web traffic, audience demographics, and digital marketing strategies of competitors.

6. AI-generated artwork

Media content users will finally receive the realistic content that they yearn for. One simple example is the realistic appearance of clouds in graphic and motion form e.g. games and animation. For years design houses have had challenges creating effects that make a more immersive experience which is often attributed to the background elements such as clouds or the flow of water.

AI tools in graphic design will complement the role of the graphic designer; and not replace actual designers as the technology is still in its early stages and understanding how to prompt AI tools for this purpose is a learning experience for teams globally. Tools like Adobe Sensei, Autodraw and Khroma will give designers the ability to fuse their skills and create what wasn’t possible before.

7. Razor-sharp PR content

Most PR agencies will make use of AI in some form. AI tools can align exact media pitches with journalists by pitching unique angles based on the content that the journalist has previously written and analysing what they are looking for. Reputable agencies already understand that AI-generated content isn’t sufficient to land coverage on any news desk because media houses have tools that check for AI-generated content and using this approach to create content will lead to less credibility for the agency but most certainly won’t bode well with clients.  

8. AI-Enhanced Website Development

Building a website involves various tasks, from designing the user interface to implementing functionality. AI tools can significantly enhance the website development process by automating certain tasks, providing insights, and improving overall efficiency.

Tools like Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) that offers an AI-driven website development tool called ADI automatically generates website templates based on user preferences and content, making website creation more efficient.

9. AI-Driven Analytics

AI can process an abundance of data that may be overwhelming to businesses. AI-powered data analysis tools can process and analyse large datasets that extract valuable insights and patterns. This can empower you to make data-driven decisions that can optimise campaigns and uncover hidden growth opportunities.  Tools like Google Analytics employ AI and machine learning to provide insights into website traffic, user behaviour, and conversion tracking. 

AI can create hyper-personalised campaigns by understanding individual preferences and needs, businesses can provide more relevant and engaging experiences for their customers. Which ultimately creates better customer journeys and an overall more satisfying experience at every touch point.

10. Personalization Engines

With AI’s ability to read large data sets, you can create bespoke experiences and customer journeys. Dynamic Yield offers a personalization platform that uses AI to deliver tailored content, product recommendations, and experiences to website visitors. Influencer marketing will also benefit from this personalisation.

AI will help identify the influencers you identify with most and the type of content users engage with creating a unique campaign for a specific user. As an influencer marketing agency, you can also identify the ideal influencers for your campaign by predicting their impact on the campaign and ROI, with the assistance of AI tools.

11. Content Recommendation Algorithms

Website optimisation is a core part of business success. AI gives you the power of ensuring relevant content remains on your site. Tools like Outbrain a content discovery and recommendation platform that uses AI to suggest relevant articles and content on websites.

12. SEO Optimisation

SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. Using tools like SEMrush that use AI-powered SEO tools to analyse keywords, track rankings, and provide on-page optimisation recommendations can provide you with the results you need to grow your business with relevant website traffic.

13. Voice Search Optimisation (SEO)

Voice SEO is the optimisation of keywords and keyword phrases for searches using voice assistants. According to some SEO experts, voice SEO is required for websites to effectively show up in results for searches conducted through voice assistants. BrightLocal offers voice search optimisation tools and insights that help agencies optimise local business listings for voice search.

14. Chatbots For Customer Support

Customers expect businesses to be available to answer their questions – beyond business hours. Chatbots are useful as they can connect the customer with the brand or organisation in real-time which could be the difference between customer acquisition and potential loss. 

Chatbots are also useful for retaining current customers as they offer a support role that can easily be picked up by a staff member to follow through on the customer journey to satisfaction. Tools like Manychat are easy to use and allow you to seamlessly create a Chatbot suited to your needs and in your tone of voice to engage with customers.

15. Ad Creative Testing

Tools like Adzooma offer AI-driven ad optimization tools that test and optimise ad creatives in real-time across multiple advertising platforms, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This is another example of technology that will challenge traditional models that agency owners use to test effectiveness of campaigns that used to take extended periods of time to show value.

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The best way is to have open dialogue. Understand what their concerns are and how to build the AI route of tools to best service clients with your staff to allay any concerns that they may have regarding job security. This also enables them to learn and contribute to the business.

What are you trying to achieve for your business? What are your goals? By answering these questions, you will be able to identify what tools are best suited to meet your needs.

Look at the core functions of your agency and how you can improve efficiency for the business. Start with using one or two tools that address what you think will meet your goals then expand from there.

For content generation, you need to make sure that if you are using AI the content accurately reflects your tone of voice and brand style. This is why it’s important to understand that AI is complementary and will not replace the human experience required for communication.

Still got questions? Let us know what you’re looking for.

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